10 Celebrities Who Like BTS

In this Article we’ll be examining some celebrities who like bts and can’t get enough of BTS in more detail here. BTS has captivated audiences worldwide since making their debut in 2013 with their upbeat songs, dynamic concerts, and inspiring themes of self-acceptance and love. The South Korean septet has developed a sizable fan base known as ARMY, which is made up of people from different walks of life and backgrounds. But not just common people have been seduced by BTS, other famous people have also admitted to being followers of the band.

Celebrities Who Like BTS

John Cena

John Cena, a former wrestler who is now an actor, has made no secret of his affection for the boy band BTS, even going so far as to pick up Korean. BTS’s music and message were lauded by Cena in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. He said, “They’re very popular all over the world because they spread positivity and they love their fans, and that’s what we’re all about.”

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande, a self-described ARMY, has been photographed wearing BTS merchandise several times. Additionally, Grande has been seen interacting with BTS members on social media and praising their music and artistic abilities in interviews.


Singer-songwriter Halsey BTS and Halsey have worked together on a number of songs, including their smash song “Boy With Luv” and the single “Permission to Dance“. Halsey has praised the group’s abilities and work ethic and even got a tattoo with a BTS-inspired design.

Shawn Mendes

Another famous person obsessed with BTS is Canadian hunk Shawn Mendes. The trio has received appreciation for both their music and live performances, and Mendes has even performed a rendition of their song “Fake Love” in the past.

Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello, a former member of Fifth Harmony, has long been a fan of BTS and has raved about them in interviews. On social media, Cabello has conversed with BTS members and stated her wish to work with them in the future.


Rapper and singer Lizzo has been known to jam out to BTS’s music on social media, and has even covered their song “Butter”. Lizzo has expressed her love for the group’s energy and message, and has praised their ability to bring people together.

James Corden

Late-night talk show host James Corden has featured BTS on his show multiple times, including a hilarious “Carpool Karaoke” segment in which he sang along to their hit song “DNA”. Corden has expressed his admiration for the group’s talent and work ethic, and has even visited them backstage at one of their concerts.

Ed Sheeran

BTS and British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran have worked together on a number of tracks, including “Make It Right” and “Permission to Dance”. Sheeran has lauded the band’s music and vigour and even stated a wish to learn Korean in order to interact with them more effectively.

Emma Stone

Actress Emma Stone has long been a strong supporter of BTS and has been photographed wearing their merchandise several times. Stone has also lauded the band’s message of acceptance and self-love, and she even went to one of their gigs.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama, a former US president, may not be a household name, but he loves BTS. Obama applauded the group’s message of inclusiveness and togetherness in a speech at the Asian Leadership Conference in 2019 and said, “I hear they’re quite excellent. They are dismantling obstacles and promoting happiness and love throughout the globe.


Are these the only celebrities who like BTS?

No, there are many other celebrities who have expressed their love for BTS, but these are just 10 of the most notable ones.

Why do so many celebrities like BTS?

Celebrities are often drawn to BTS’s positive message of self-love and acceptance, as well as their catchy tunes and high-energy performances.

Have any of these celebrities collaborated with BTS?

Yes, Halsey, Ed Sheeran, and Shawn Mendes have all collaborated with BTS on various songs.